November 29, 2018 1 min read

 About the Appassionata Bracelet

When you think about gold, it’s only natural to think about its cool surface, its high gloss, its firm metallic nature. Imagine a bracelet, then, that interprets gold as a supple, sensual, almost silken material to be literally draped over the wearer. This is the ambitious creative vision of Roberto Coin’s Appassionata bracelet, and it is one that succeeds.

The bracelet is cleverly comprised of five rows of striated 18 karat hinges assembled in a trompe-l’oeil, emulating the delicate threads of a finely woven fabric. An understated, ruby-accented diamond clasp of .39 carats sets off the bracelet’s clean geometric lines.

And as if to prove that every detail has truly been attended to with devotion, a delicate marquise-shaped ruby is set into the reverse of the piece—a Roberto Coin trademark meant to be worn next to the skin with the intention of bestowing health, happiness, and long life to the wearer.

Roberto Coin himself describes Appassionata as his “signature” line, which could hardly be more apt. After all, appassionata means “passion,”and it’s easy to see so much of that here.


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