Wellendorff Ring Of The Year 2019 - Love Is (607306) - Limited Edition

Wellendorff Ring Of The Year 2019 - Love Is (607306) - Limited Edition. ONLY 219 pieces.

Love is ... the shortest path between two hearts. Love is ... something different to each person and so always special. LOVE IS ... the message that the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory’s Ring of the Year 2019 carries inside it. A message that can be the answer to all questions. Symbolised by a vibrant red heart, embedded in 18-carat yellow gold. Charming and warm just like love itself, the heart represents true appreciation and endless love.

The first Ring of the Year from the “Modern” design world, LOVE IS, follows high-end fashion trends with its soft pastel tones. The five different Mediterranean nuances of colour have been newly developed and carefully coordinated. They are reminiscent of the sun and add a certain freshness and lightness to every outfit.

The limited-edition Ring of the Year 2019 LOVE IS, made from three individual rings in 18-carat yellow gold. They are closely connected to each other yet free to move and spin. Everything flows and changes as the wearer spins it playfully. Unique moments of happiness emerge just as they do in the course of life. A precious shine is embodied by the 23 diamonds that spin as part of the ring. LOVE IS always in motion.

Small squares engraved under the layer of colour accentuate the graphic effect of the modern ring shape, creating an intriguing mosaic effect. Individually applied by hand, the five Wellendorff cold enamel colours pay homage to the highest-quality German made goldsmithery. Amidst the delicate, pastel colours of Wellendorff cold enamel lies, discretely embedded, the Wellendorff jewellery manufactory’s trademark, the golden Diamond “W”. Together with the year 2019 that is delicately engraved on both outer rings, the 23 diamonds represent moving and vibrant moments of happiness in this year. On the interior of the ring, the meaningful words LOVE IS remind the wearer every day of her own very personal definition of love and lock it forever in the gold.

The Ring of the Year 2019 LOVE IS is not just a ring, it’s a declaration of love for just 219 wearers worldwide.

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