F.P. Journe Sport Centigraphe CTS2 Titanium Mens Watch (LSCTS2CENTIGRAPHE)

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Stock No: 9567

Movement: Caliber 1506 in Aluminum Alloy

Power Reserve: 80 hours

Case: 44mm in Titanium (with rubber inserts) and an exhibition case-back

Dial: Yellow Dial

Subdials: 1/100th seconds counter at 10, 20 seconds counter at the 2 and a 10 minutes counter at the 6 o`clock positions.  

Strap: Titanium bracelet with rubber inserts and a deployment clasp


FP Journe strengthens its linesport collection and launches the new model centigraphe sport titanium in 44 mm with yellow dial and tachymeter bezel on ceramic background. With its movement in aluminum, this new watch is a breathtaking lightness.

The centigraphe sport manual-winding mechanical movement displays elapsed times ranging from 100th of a second to 10 minutes, visible on 3 dials, each with a time scale displayed in red.

Indications The 100th of a second hand makes a dial revolution in one second on a scale of hundredths of a second. On the dial at two o'clock, the needle travels in 20 seconds on a scale divided into seconds. On the third dial at 6 o'clock, the needle turns in 10 minutes.

Ergonomic chronograph activation - patented The chronograph is started, stopped and reset by a rocker at 2 o'clock on the middle, instead of the classic buttons on each side of the crown. This ergonomic solution really adapted to the wristwatch is patented.

Chronograph mechanism - patented A second patent is granted for the ingenious configuration of the mechanism used to isolate the chronograph function of the movement. Thus the chronograph has no effect on the amplitude of the pendulum. The hands of the meter of 100th, 20 seconds, as well as that of 10 minutes are driven by two different gear trains, themselves driven by the center of the mainspring (patented). Another separate gear train, also driven by the barrel shaft, drives the 10 minute hand.

100th of a second counter The 100th of a second hand, set by the escape of the movement, makes a turn of the dial per second. A wheel integral with the escape wheel (4th wheel) of the hour train lets escape the axis that carries the needle. The seconds are thus released by the time wheel leaving the barrel and driven by the strength of the gear of the chronograph transmitted from the shaft of the barrel. An unusual aspect of the 100th of a second is to be able to stop them at any moment of their course, even between two divisions of the hundredth of a second, thus allowing a fractional reading. This is made possible by the vertical disengagement of the axis of 100th of that of the exhaust, bearing on the side of the tigeron and acting as a brake.

Back to zero The axes of the 20-second and 10-minute hands return to zero using the hammer levers acting on snails, while the seconds hand is stopped at zero by a protruding beak of sound. Axis meeting a lever, thereby blocking the chronograph wheel.

Auxiliary winder and power reserve The barrel is equipped with an auxiliary winding system (maintaining power) to ensure that the motive force is not interrupted by reassembly. The power reserve of the mainspring is at least 100 hours, and 24 hours with the chronograph running.

Centigraphe Sport contributes to medical research Godfather of the sovereign centigraphe, jean todt remains the initiator of FP Journe's commitment to the ICM, institute of brain and spinal cord to advance research to fight alzheimer's disease, parkinson's or sclerosis in plates. By buying a fp journe centigraphe sport, as for the sovereign centigraphe, you also contribute to advancing the medical research of the icm. François-paul journe has committed himself alongside professor gérard saillant, luc besson, michelle yeoh, jean réno, jean todt and michael schumacher, among others, by donating 30% of the profit from the sale of each centigraphe to the icm, and this without limit in time.