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Marco Bicego’s jewellery is the very definition of modern luxury: it embraces the values of old-world craftsmanship and blends them with the principles of everyday, modern style

Marco Bicego grew up surrounded by precious gems and metals, instilling in him a natural desire to create beautiful jewellery. He learned the secrets of the master jeweler at the side of his father, Guiseppe, who had a manufacturing studio in their hometown of Trissino, in Italy’s jewellery-making Veneto region.

Since launching his own brand in 2002, Bicego’s signature style – plenty of color and meticulously worked gold surfaces – has become internationally recognized.He is known particularly for his signature multi-textured finish, and for designs that merge organic, natural forms with classic silhouettes.

Bicego’s appreciation for the beauty of finished gold surfaces lies at the heart of his collection.“Having spent every summer at my father’s goldsmithing atelier in Vicenza, the gold capital of the world, I learned my art under master craftsmen. Gold has been a cornerstone of my craft ever since.” Bicego uses the ageless “Bulino” technique, which creates hundreds of textured grooves on the surface of the gold, a finish that remains practically unalterable over time. The entire line is crafted from 18k yellow and white gold, and each piece is hand-tooled and hand-chiseled, with at least ten specialists working on every piece.

Wearability is an essential part of every Marco Bicego collection. The jewellery are meant to be worn every day – not saved in the jewellery box for some special occasion. The classic gold Jaipur bangle, for example, is designed to be flexible, so a woman can wear it all day without knowing it is even on her wrist. The bangles can also be stacked and still remain comfortable – the more the better. To facilitate this, each collection is designed to be mixed and matched with others. Customers therefore tend to become collectors, with each new collection representing an opportunity to build a wardrobe of quality, stylish jewellery.

“I love seeing how my clients interpret the Marco Bicego style, and how they layer pieces,”says Marco. “Wearing a great statement piece is always a striking option, but adding a stacking bracelet or necklace can transform your look completely. All of my pieces are meant to be layered and worn together in different combinations, so I say mix and match to find what works and have fun with it!”

Presented are a few examples of Bicego's essential collections

Inspired by tribal jewelry and the soft dunes of the Sahara, this collection is an extravagant expression of golden boules of different sizes and finishes, all individually hand-engraved and textured. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings yield a bold, yet remarkably light and fluid feel.




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