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Wearable, Everyday fine jewellery fit for Royalty

Pomellato is seeped in the traditions of fine Italian jewellery making, which represents the highest standards of craftsmanship. It is the jewellery world’s version of haute couture – crafted atelier-style, finished by hand and made with the finest materials, including precious gems and 18k gold.

The Pomellato collection is particularly distinguished by its pioneering use of colored gemstones, combining unusual colors, with large, bold gems in unique shapes. Each collection uses color in a signature way.



The Nudo is all about the simplicity of pure lines, light and color – Nudo means “naked” in Italian, a nod to the simplicity of the classic solitaire, but with modern cuts and diamond accents. The Petit Nudo is a smaller version of the Classic Nudo, while the Maxi Nudo pumps up the size and volume – one of the defining elements of modern luxury is the option of scaled-down, accessible versions of ultimate luxury, something at which Pomellato excels.


Capri focuses on the vibrant, saturated blues of the sea, with fine turquoise and other opaque gems in colors of the Mediterranean palette, including coral, lavender jade, lapis lazuli and chrysoprase. The Capri Bloom collection now uses ceramic for the first time, adding color to the collection in a whole new way.


The Pomellato Sabbia (“sand”) collection takes it down a notch, pairing rose gold with fashion-forward black and brown diamonds, lending a characteristically modern feel to the classic diamond ring, bracelet and necklace.


Tango (seductive and sensual, like the dance) mixes materials such as 18k rose gold and brown diamonds with the edgy look of burnished silver – adding a rock ’n’ roll spirit. In Tango, Pomellato also adds unusual gems to the mix, such as pink spinels, rubies, violet sapphires, aquamarines, tanzanites, blue sapphires, color change garnet, emeralds and demantoid garnet. In the example below a solid 18k gold bracelet in its purest form.






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