March 24, 2018

Want a quick glance at the biggest watch trade show in the world - Basel 2018? Excerpt from what CNN has to say ....

With nearly 700 exhibitors and more than 100,000 visitors, Baselworld is by far the world's largest offline platform for introducing new timepieces. Over the next six days, the Swiss city of Basel will play host some to some of the watch industry's most famous brands.

Along with the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève, which takes place in Geneva each January, Baselworld is the most important indicator of what's happening in the watchmaking world. Here we take a look at the most notable trends from the 2018 program.

Vintage-inspired timepieces continue to dominate, driven chiefly by brand anniversaries and bestsellers from the past. This appetite for nostalgia may be inspired by the recent strength of the second-hand and vintage watch markets. But the trend may also reflect a decision by watchmakers to tone down their pricing, with recent financial crises demonstrating that expensive innovation can only go so far in keeping a brand afloat.
A great example is the Longines Legend Diver ($2,150-$2,600), which revisits a 1960s diving watch by combining retro style codes and modern technology to offer practicality and beauty.
But this trend does not necessarily mean that brands are sacrificing innovation to appease current tastes. Omega, for instance, has done a wonderful job with its Speedmaster Moonwatch Dark Side of the Moon. Rooted in 1969's Moonwatch, the timepiece was daringly reissued in a ceramic case in 2013, and has since arrived in new colors and executions. Baselworld 2018 sees the launch of another ceramic edition, the Apollo 8 ($9,500), which is the first watch in the series powered by a skeletonized movement.
In the same vein, Rolex releases a new version of its classic GMT-Master II, which debuted in 1954 and then reappeared as the "II" edition in 2007. The new design comes with a revamped high-energy automatic movement that improves both accuracy and power reserve. It is now available in a variety of metals (from $9,250) and two different styles of bracelet.

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